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2 months ago

Uber and Lyft carpools could one day replace most New York City taxis

Uber and Lyft carpools could replace most New York City taxis - Business Insider

AP417629995193A rider hails a Lyftrideshare.AP

Like most cities around the world, New York City suffers fromhorrendous traffic.

A new MIT study suggests that UberPool and LyftLine (the two apps' carpool features that allow strangers toshare smile usa a ride for a reduced fare) could be the key to cuttingdown on urban congestion.

If New Yorkers switched from private taxis to carpools,traffic would decrease dramatically, according to theresearchers. Using data from 3 million taxi rides, they designedan AI algorithm that would both reduce congestion andwait time for the vehicles. The researchers used taxi ridedata to understand how New Yorkers move by car (Just23%of Manhattan households own personal cars).

First, the system plans the routes that the cars could take thatday, prioritizing areas that it knows are usually busy.Throughout the day, the algorithm continually adjusts based onthe requests that come in. It also takes into accountthe best type of vehicle to send (e.g. a 10-person van would bemost efficient for neighborhoods with a lot of requests atonce).

The more often people use the system, the smarter and moreefficient it would become.

The system's algorithm would also eliminate the needfor 75% of all NYC taxis (i.e. 10,190 cabs), according to thestudy. In addition to eliminating every private taxi,3,000 four-person cars could serve 94% of cardemand in NYC, and 2,000 ten-person vehicles couldserve 95% of demand. On average, you would wait fewer thanthree minutes for the vehicle to show up.

"Ride-sharing services have enormous potential forpositive societal impact with respect to congestion, pollutionand energy consumption," Daniela Rus, the professorat MIT's Computer Science and ArtificialIntelligence Laboratory who led the study, said in a pressrelease.

While the report may seem idealistic, moreAmericans (especially city folk) are warming up tocarpools.

In 2015, Lyft reported that 30% of its rides in NYC were carpools, andUber said the same for more than half of its NYC rides in March6016. That works out to over 12,700 Lyft Line rides and over107,000 UberPool rides every day in the city.

Rus notes that MIT's system would best workwith autonomous cars, which promise anunprecedented level of data. Driverless carscan track everything from what times people leavefor work to which roads they take to the location of othercarpools -- data that would only make the same day dentures Roselle Park algorithm moreefficient.

Uber, Lyft, and legacy car manufacturers all have their owndriverless car initiatives, and the former was the first companyto rollout autonomous vehicles to a US city (Pittsburghin September and Arizona in early 2017). Uber's driverless cars are notcarpools, but Uber CEO Travis Kalanickhas described UberPoolas the future of his company.

While the AI-driven communal rideshare is a possiblesolution to New YorkCity's congestion, subways and buses arethe still the fastest and most efficient way to moveresidents. And that probably won't change anytimesoon.

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2 months ago

definition of sialodochoplasty by Medical dictionary


6 months ago

Getting A Bad Rash From Prescription Drugs

Sometimes we can get a rash from a medication even if we've taken it in the past. For instance, certain antibiotics cause that response for some people. Because there is an infection when we take antibiotics, it's also important to see if the rash may be due to that. I had a strep rash as a kid and it was from the bacteria and not the antibiotic I was taking. If you are allergic to penicillin or amoxicillin be sure to always tell this to your doctor or dentist so they can put you on a different type of antibiotics. You can't take drugs within the same class if you have allergic responses.

Prescription drugs for depression or anxiety can also cause some people rash responses. This is true as well for medications for blood pressure problems. There are also rashes due to stress and of course other illnesses so the key is to determine if the rash is a result of the drug reaction or the initial illness, disease or medical condition.

Because we are busy and often do several things in one day, it's critical to analyze what the true cause is of a rash. I had a client who thought her rash was due to an anti-anxiety medication but it turned out she had been in a hot tub and her eruptions were due to the chemicals from the spa. Since it's common to also get fungal infections, rashes from contact dermatitis or pick up a contagious rash at school, be sure to have a physician or dermatologist analyze the situation properly.

With any rash, be sure that if there is wheezing, temperature, fainting or a feeling of tightness in throat or chest to immediately seek medical attention. For some people with hives and other allergic red bumps, it also involves respiratory problems that can be serious.

By: Rosie Wallace

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Learn more about Drug Rash at problems as well as Pediatric Rashes at that are common.

8 months ago

Medicine :: How You Can Get Rid Of Toothache Whenever You Can't Afford A Dentist?

Austin dentist Dr. Curtis, were all male. Curtis, were all male. They use a waiting room, full of patients, a consultation counter to your help and also the dentist.

The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offers many solutions to fixing your teeth and providing you with that perfect smile you always desired. If you decide to continue using the course, being a dentist or hygienist would become very easy for you. If you decide to continue with the course, being a dentist or hygienist would become very simple for you. Engage Existing Customers.

To tackle opportunities, the dental implants dentist should strive to find out more. Despite the similarity of the work profile, a cosmetic dentist differs a lot from general dentist. Where Do I Recieve Braces Rubber Bands and Just How Much Will They Cost?.

For Everyone:. This means that you will never forget to make an appointment. The more you understand about your Dental Plan Ny City plan, the better equipped you is going to be to select the best Dental Plan The Big Apple City.

The dental issues caused by a lot of sugar are obvious because of the decay factor when sticky substances such as soda sit around the teeth too long this results in cavities along with other issues. crystalmedical. She has a formal educational background and former work experience in healthcare. Its the easiest method to straighten your teeth in comparison with braces and achieving it done by a skilled dentist can make it worth while. articledashboard.

To tackle opportunities, the dentist should strive to learn more. They must obtain a dental degree from a college which includes accreditation in the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation per the U. Old-fashioned braces are just the best bet for many people as well as the tooth movement that needs being achieved. The trial for Jacobus van Nierop began on Tuesday in France, and a number of the patients who ended up treated through the "dentist of horror" were inside the courtroom, reports BBC on March Tuesday's description of what patients endured during their dental visits sent shocks through the courtroom.

About the author, Toronto dentist helps you maintain healthy teeth and gum, and fixes problems related to them. If the problem persists, it makes sense that you setup an appointment and find out a dentist. The original video as these days has 70,605 hits.

1 year ago

Create Award Winning Smiles With These Top Notch Dental Care Tips

Dental care is vital, and many people want great teeth in a short amount of time. The article below has some great tips and tricks for keeping your teeth healthy. Keep smiling into your golden years with excellent oral health habits.

Avoid drinking soda during the day. Beverages rich in sugar can cause tooth decay and discoloration unless you brush your teeth right away. Your health improves, and so does the appearance of your teeth.

When it comes to creating strong, healthy teeth, fluoride can be your best friend. If the water from your tap does not contain fluoride, you and everyone in your household will be more prone to tooth decay. If you don't have it, you can use toothpa